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Feb 26, 2010

That's SIR Mucky Muck to you, soldier...

Over at 68Caliber there is a mention of the rumor (true) that scenario play will no longer be allowed at the Camp Blanding MOUT Site in Jacksonville, Florida. What importance is this to me, a field owner who hardly gives scenarios a second notice (unless it's to grumble about scenario "TEAMS")?

The post lays the onus on the Military while mainly in defense of the event promoters. I have to take issue.

To say promoters are not a part of the consequences is like implying drug dealers have no part in the problems caused by their buyers. No matter how good the intentions and no matter how much prep work and post tidying up the promoters provide the fact is: supplying a nirvana playing field to a crazed, addicted group of ballers, who, let's face the truth, care nothing about the attitude and mess they leave behind, hardly lets them off the hook for the outcome.

The Military doesn't need ballers on their property just like I don't need tournament players at my field. There is to much downside. To much work. To much stress. From time to time you have to put up with a visit from the in-laws. Scenario and tournament players - not so much.

In a perfect world everyone would show up at Camp Blanding smiling and everyone would leave smiling. But in reality, if not having a MOUT event or a tournament meant not having to deal with the fuss and bother, the Military and I will go with not having the event at all. Personally, I have all I can handle keeping my rec-ball players happy.

If you want to think the "base high-mucky-mucks" pulled the plug on the event because of "scheduling" conflicts that's all fine and dandy. I, a 23 year vet, am going to go with the "who needs a bunch of whiny ass, unappreciative, demanding, slovenly, wannabe special ops, juveniles hanging around when we don't need them here in the first place."

I'm just saying.


Reiner Schafer Feb 26, 2010, 8:31:00 AM  

I hear ya. Special events are quite often more work with less return. we put on our once a year West Coast Pump Weekend. It's a lot more work in preperation and administration than any other weekend of the year (a lot, lot more). We don't make very much money on the event. Every year I wonder if it's all worthwhile.

I'm sure that the brass at Camp Blanding have had similar thoughts.

Crotchety Old Fan Apr 5, 2010, 1:41:00 PM  

I don't see how the "onus" was placed on the base commanders: I included the email that referenced ALL non-essential usage being cancelled for the forseeable future.

Which I understand (and yes, paintball types are generally more difficult to work with than others).

However, the issue in this particular case was countering the 'spin' on the net that was trying to place the "onus" on one particular promoter (back story - in favor of another promoter) and the bottom line is this: the other promoter was refused use of the site previously and there is circumstantial evidence to suggest that "friends" of this other promoter took it upon themselves to encourage the base officials to "get rid of paintball".

I didn't want to get into the other story, but felt that it was wrong for one particular company to be taking the blame for everyone.

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