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May 20, 2010

It's all fun and games until someone...dies.

Dale over at the Ford Report has this to say about realistic airsoft guns. He also references an incredible story by TB about fake tourniquets. All I've got to say about the matter is I've been bitching about realistic, military airsoft AND PAINTBALL gear for years. A few deaths in the right jurisdiction and our sport is shut down for good.


Richelle Shattell May 26, 2010, 8:20:00 AM is the specific link to the article. I had to search it on-site b/c the other link I think is the main page.

Anyhoo, thanks for posting this article. It made me think about stuff I never put much thought into before.

In my small neck of the woods, I've come across some players who are into trying to capture realism through appearance-only with their gear, equipment, and attire. I never thought about linking that to actually modifying the performance of equipment so that it causes such harm.

Always learning something new, I'm amazed about the detail and thought going into props such as tourniquets--guess I didn't realize some people try to get that realistic! And as for the actual marker/gun modifications--that's always something that's worrysome with average-looking players with the risk of them trying to tweak their markers for absolute maximum speed and firepower.

It's just plain sad that in every aspect of life, a few irresponsible people could mean the end of perfectly safe activities for the rest of us.

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