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Feb 21, 2009

Paintball masks. I can see clearly, now.

I think cheap Wallyworld guns turn many people off of paintball but even worse is a cheap mask. Even the best mask will fog up but when one fogs up all the time it can be very frustrating. People are generally anxious to buy the best gun and the best aftermarket parts but they often go cheap on the mask (and paint).

My mask is the most important part of my gear. It's not meant to make a fashion statement which is what the most expensive ones are for. It's not a cheap after thought thrown into a "kit" to make it look like a bargain. It doesn't have an "anti-fog" sticker on the lens in a lame attempt to fool me into thinking it's fog proof and it doesn't have an anti-fog coating on the lens that washes off or hazes over after a couple of cleanings.

It's not a perfect mask. When the humidity is topping 90 percent it collects moisture on the inside. It looks fogged up if I don't do a good job of cleaning off the greasy paint sheen that's left after a hasty cleaning. The lens scratches if I drop it in the dirt or tear hard through a patch of briers and brush.

I'm sure it looks dumb to some players because I like to leave the visor on. It doesn't have an agg strap or mirrored lens. I have to change the lens and strap from time to time. But it suits me fine. I know for a fact it sure beats UVEX!

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WorthyD Feb 21, 2009, 10:33:00 AM  

I had a rough start with the masks when I started. I had a cheapy for a few months. Fogged and was awful uncomfortable. I bought one of the new (at the time) blue IZE JT Flex 7s. I've had the opportunity to purchase an $80 stretched out piece of elastic because it was rare or a 1 of 5(at the time) white frame for $150 (JT is close by so the rare stuff usually makes its way around). I still ref 10 hour long tournaments or rec ball, and still play with my pieced together not matching Flex-7.... with a visor on it.... so when a rec player knocks it off the table its less likely to scratch.

TheWoodsballer Feb 25, 2009, 11:13:00 PM  

Best thing I've ever done is install the little mini fans in my mask. Not the ones you can buy from JT for $40, but the micro fans that you'd usually find on a video card or something similar(same idea, just cheaper). Wired into a switch and a 9v battery...

No more fogging and it's like I have A/C running in my mask. Sooo nice!

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