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Mar 11, 2009


From: Tippmann Sports Sales & Service

Subject: A-5® paintball marker end cap assemblies

Tippmann Sports is issuing a voluntary recall of certain end cap assemblies on selected Tippmann® A-5® paintball markers. The markers affected by this recall have serial numbers between 0409301 and 0422200, and were sold by Tippmann Sports to dealers and distributors between May 23, 2008 and September 24, 2008. Tippmann Sports has determined that some of these end cap assemblies may present a safety issue under certain conditions because there is a potential for the end cap assembly to break and/or eject. As a result, Tippmann Sports is recalling and replacing all affected end cap assemblies from the marketplace.

Consumers with A-5 markers with these serial numbers should stop using them immediately.

Consumers should contact Tippmann Sports at (866) 841-3029 (260-749-6022, extension 3149 from outside the United States), go to or send email to to obtain a free repair kit. This kit will include a new end cap assembly. Please have the serial number of the product available.


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