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Apr 30, 2009

Paintball - Then and Now...

Back in the early 80's a paintball hopper was a big deal. Going from 10 rounds to a whopping 90 changed the way people played forever. Add this VL-90 (VL as in View Loader, so named because you could view how much paint is left buy looking through the clear top) to a VM-68 Magnum, semi auto marker and you owned the field. The paintball purists were pretty sure paintball was ruined. To much paint in the air will make the game unsafe.

Now a days we defy gravity and force feed electronic guns faster than the human finger can pull the trigger. I have to admit, I like the looks of this Dye Rotor better than I do the VL-90. It was around the time the first electronic hopper came out that I pretty much decided paintball was ruined.

Seems our 80's predecessors were correct. The industry is finally starting to address the dangers of high rate of fire. Smart field owners figured it out years ago. Limit the rate of fire and everyone has more fun.

More on the Dye Rotor here.


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