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Aug 7, 2009

I'm coming for you...

A few posts back I mentioned paintball characters. Keep in mind, I'm not talking about sets of character players like "aggs" or "newbs" or "those tournament players." I'm talking about the ones of a kind. Paintball characters are players that stand out even among the sets.

There was a player that use to come out back in the day who could only be described as "The Terminator." I know it's a cliche description but when this guy walked out on the field his biceps ripped through his t-shirt, he grew a foot taller and his eyes took on a bright red glow. Off the field he was quiet and unassuming. When the game started he turned into a quiet and unassuming killing machine.

When you watched him play from the spectator side of the net all you could feel was an overwhelming sense of relief that you were on the spectator side of the net. On the field he didn't compete against a team. He battled individuals - one at a time. When he set you in his sites you could feel his determination reach through what ever you were cowering behind. If you were lucky enough to be on his side you just stepped aside and waited for the game to end. If you were his opponent your best move was to pull a paintball from your hopper, bite the end of it off, and pour the fill down your back.

I haven't seen him in awhile. He was/is definitely a paintball character. I think he spends his time now collecting stamps. But I bet his chrome plated Autococker is still sitting within arm's length.

How about you? Do you know of any paintball characters?


dragon1291,  Aug 7, 2009, 9:17:00 PM  

One of my friends is commonly called "the Beast." Let me explain...

He usually has a egrip a5, and has a passion for being sadistic as well as random.

During an outlaw game a few years back, it was Him, me, and a few others in a squad. There was an ambush, and we were pinned down. Being impatient, he stood up, switched his gun to full auto, and lit it rip. He gave enough coverfire for 30 guys.

Nowadays, when we play at the local field, he is the one to rush up against people. He still uses his a5, and he is still insane.

mick Aug 7, 2009, 9:30:00 PM  

I'm glad he doesn't play here!

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