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Oct 12, 2009

The Girls of Paintball - Taylor Cormier

A while ago I started a series of blog interviews aimed at bringing more females into the great sport of paintball. I haven't done one in awhile but I'm sure you will agree, this one makes up for the long wait. Meet Taylor Cormier - a 21 year old sports medicine student from North Reading Massachusetts, and a paintball player.

What got you started playing?

"My start and involvement playing paintball was random and spontaneous. I was asked to come out and play a game in the woods with my friends in the Summer of 2008, so I agreed. I had a lot of fun and my interest sparked almost instantly. I started doing some research on local fields and proshops and discovered the late Monster Paintball in Woburn, MA. I grabbed some friends and ventured down there, we ended up playing in a pickup speed ball rotation. Using Tippmans and an Invert Mini; we got absolutely destroyed, but more importantly I had the most amazing time and fell in love with the sport. I then started playing at Monster constantly, everyone there was so supportive and helpful. Monster from then on out became my home and I loved every minute of it. I will never forget the times we had and where I got my roots. RIP Monster Paintball, Bleed Green For Life. ♥ I would also like to take this time to thank the Brown Family for everything you did for us kids. We love you always."

Do you have a favorite place to play?

"My favorite field is and will always be Monster Paintball, but with its demise I give much recognition to the All-American Paintball Field in Greensburg, PA. It is absolutely beautiful, organized, and flawless. Another gorgeous field worth acknowledgment is SPENT Paintball in South East Florida."

You play tournaments. Is there a particular spot on the field that you like to play?

"Since this was my first competitive tournament season I did whatever I could to play as much as I could. My first tournament was with the Granite State Predators for NEPL Event one 7man Intermediate, and I also played Event two with them; yet we had minimal success. After that I took notice to the Xball format. I started watching, noticing the differences, and taking a strong liking to this different format. i started practicing XBall every weekend. I went down for a recreational day at Camelot Paintball in Chicopee, MA. When the day was through I was approached by the owner of the field, Chad Farnham, who was interested in having me play with his MXL team Worcester Legion in the AXBL League. I couldnt of been happier, I was dying to compete in an XBALL tournament. I played Event4 with Legion for MXL in Pennsylvania. We did well and it was an experience of a lifetime. I have currently been playing with the Woburn Monsters and Section 8. I played NEPL Event4 with them, we made it to finals and took 4th. Playing under the Monster/Section8 name has been the most fun I have ever had playing this sport. They are my paintball family and I feel at home playing with them. I love my boys. WANT SOME. GET SOME."

What kind of gear do you use?

"Being one of the few females in the sport, I make a fashionable statement with the color Pink. I have a 2009 Eclipse Geo, Emerald green with pink parts, along with a DYE rotor with a hot pink color kit. A new 2009 E-Vent Pro dyed pink with a blue to purple mirrored lens. I wear almost all Eclipse gear; pants, arm and knee pads, gloves, tank cover...ect. Eclipse is the leader in setting the standards for up and coming gear while having great quality products. Two thumbs up :)"

What would you say to girls who might be thinking about playing paintball?

"Paintball is and has been a male dominated sport throughout its history. Its time for change. More females in the sport would increase its popularity and help gain social acceptance. I work towards proving with hard work and dedication a female can do just as much work as any boy on the field. I encourage any girl to go out and try it, just play, and play your heart out. The accomplishment of success on the field is overwhelming. When practice plays out and you walk on the field and have these "big bad boys" feel threatened by you, you know you made your mark. Paintball is for anyone, any color, any size, male of female. A team is more than just a team, you practice together, travel for events together, you become a unified family. The bonds created throughout the season are priceless. So, to any girls who think they can hack it, dont get me wrong it takes guts and it takes a want. You need to want it. Then go step on a field and do work."

Quick response questions:

Tourney or Scenario?

"I would have to say Tourney most definitely. The experience is like no other."

Brains or Brawn?

"I think there needs to be a combination of both for success. A harmonious balance to equal progress of ability."

Football or Baseball?

"I'm sorry I can not answer this question because I am a sports fanatic and that's like asking me to pick favorites between children. I love all my Bostonian Dynasties and cant choose one over the other. ♥ Bo Sox & Pats ♥"

Sneakers or High Heels?

"Being the tomboy that I am, I have to roll with my sneaks. But when needed, I'll rock some stilettos."

Spicy or Mild?

"Spicy all the way, being mild is like being average. You got to go above and beyond. Above Average."

What are your future plans and goals?

"My future goal in the end is being an Athletic Trainer either on field with a professional sports team; or in a lab creating preventive mechanisms in detecting knee problems in young athletes. So I currently attend Salem State College for Sports and Movement Science. My end goal is to have my Masters Degree in Athletic Training. I also hope to make some progressive changes with paintball, representing females, and hopefully influencing other girls to hop on the field."

What question would you ask the next person I interview?

"You should ask your next interview victim if, when they got their start playing, if they were socially accepted, and/or supported by their friends and families. And if that effected playing progress."

Great stuff. Brains, beauty and paintball. Can't think of anything better. Thanks Taylor.

*Eighth Law of Paintball
Four Constants Of High Pressure Situations
1. CONSTANT air -- isn't.
2. QUICK changes -- aren't. (who remembers them?)
3. BARREL cleaning squeegees -- won't.
4. NO FOG lenses -- will.

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Anonymous,  Feb 16, 2010, 2:47:00 PM  

I think im in love.. Nothing better then a well rounded girl. Shes smart, good looking and loves sports with out giving up her girly characteristics.

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