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Apr 26, 2010

Paintball and golf...

I've always been a casual observer of golf, even before Tiger came around. Maybe it's the silent intensity of the game that attracts me. Or maybe it's the back story. It seems there is always something going on behind the scenes - maybe a personal triumph or a heartbreaking low point. The road to stardom is often a rough and rocky trail.

Recently English golfer Brian Davis lost a sudden death play off round by calling a penalty on himself. The move cost him an almost certain PGA win, his first, and well over $400,000 in prize money. He was the only one who was aware of his errant penalty shot. It took a slow motion replay to verify his claim. What I thought most interesting was he took no time between the shot and calling over an official. He took no time to ponder whether he could get away with it. He immediately called the foul, had it verified and then conceded the match to his opponent.

A few years back someone posted a question on PBNation - "Is cheating part of the game of paintball?" I was heartsick to find nearly 3 to 1 felt it was and nearly half felt it was essential to win. There hasn't been much discussion about how people feel about what Brian Davis did. Unfortunately most golf coverage has been about the number of mistresses Tiger has shagged. I'm sure there are some who think Mr Davis is an idiot and should have taken the win.

Personally, I would have called for a paint check.


Tinker Apr 26, 2010, 8:35:00 AM  

The nearly half of those players that felt it was 'necessary' to cheat to win at paintball are very simply those players who aren't good enough to win honest.

An honest loss will beat a dis honest win every time. Integrity is far more valuable in the long run than a trophy. Trophies sit on the shelf, gather dust and are forgotten while honesty and integrity go through life with you to spur you on to better and greater things.

Self respect in this country is still sinking. When it hits bottom, a new and great generation will be born from the ashes.

Richelle Shattell Apr 27, 2010, 2:33:00 PM  

Amazing story. Since I'm a paintball noob, I don't know how well paint checks and enforcement against cheating is done in the pro or semi-pro competitions with this sport.

I do know how people play in the local fields, though--and there are indeed cheaters among us. (Luckily, the gangs I usually play with are honest and mature about calling themselves out.)

I fully agree with Tinker about honesty and integrity. Some people may never understand the magnitude of what Brian Davis did. For the rest of us, we know he probably (or hopefully, at least) slept a little better despite such a loss.

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