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Apr 23, 2010

Paintball Myths - Part Two

Here's the second in the series by Billy Goodman on Paintball Myths:

Closed-bolt guns are inherently more accurate than open bolt guns

There is absolutely no definitive proof that closed-bolt paintball guns offer inherent design advantages over open-bolt guns, but there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. There are a number of theories and reasons why this myth sounds like it should be true, but a lot of those are based on firearms principles which are not necessarily applicable to paintball. The so-called "ball at rest before it's fired" theory would only apply if the gun is fired in a single shot fashion. During rapid firing, the difference, if there was any, would be null. At the same time, firing an open-bolt gun in single shot fashion can also produce better results in both accuracy and range (no shoot-down). What can be said for closed-bolt paintball guns is that they generally operate smoother than open-bolt guns (especially blow-backs) and they are therefore easier to hold on target while firing a successive string of shots. I own both open and closed-bolt guns which use the same barrels, and from my personal observations, using the same barrel and paint, there is no noticeable difference in accuracy.

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Illuminati,  Apr 23, 2010, 9:23:00 AM  

What I have noticed may be the reason for the myth is simple......

Autocockers (for example) have a ball detent to prevent double-feed, but not one to hold the ball in the barrel. So to fix the issue most people run smaller-bore barrels. I even believe the stock barrels I have for my Autocockers run about .682

Smaller average barrel bore mean better paint-to-barrel match than you would see on stock 98 Customs and Spyders.

Just my theory!

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