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Mar 1, 2009

Eggs and paintballs...

I was sitting in a waiting room a few days ago and happened on a magazine about aerobatic flying. I've seen planes doing loops and rolls at the airshows and know about the Red Bull sponsored racers but I wasn't aware that aerobatic fliers gather and compete against other fliers. Even more to my surprise was learning there is an avid group of fliers that fly aerobatics just for the fun of it.

While a perfect loop flown in a competition is as close to a circle as possible the sports fliers prefer what the pro's call "an ugly egg shaped" loop. The egg puts less stress on the air frame and on the pilot. Sports fliers figure the egg is just as much fun as the loop.

There was an editorial in the magazine aimed at members of the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) asking them to show more support for the egg fliers. Seems the IAC has been more concerned with competitions and international exposure and has seen a drop in its membership. The editorial went on to remind members that the egg fliers are, after all, "the future of the IAC."

Replace IAC with PSP and replace egg fliers with recball players and you might get why the editorial caught my attention.

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