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Mar 6, 2009

Paintball gun for sale - CHEEP! [sic]

I haven't been on EBay in awhile. I'm still protesting the ridiculous changes they made to the buyer/seller feedback process. When I do take a look it's mainly for entertainment purposes. Here are some of the reasons given by sellers for why they have to part with their beloved paintball gear:

"Sons not responsible enough need to sell"
(The gun? Or your kid?)

"selling because i dont have time to use it and decided to make some money"
(Bought it on EBay for $100 and is hoping to double his money!)

"selling beacause i didnt really want it and i don't play anymore"
(Probably a gift from his wife in an attempt to get his butt off the couch!)

"Im am sellin this gun for one reason because i got a different one"
(Doesn't need a buddy gun cause he's got no buddies!)

"I have used it only a couple times which is why I am selling it"
(I took it apart and lost some pieces.)

"I bought this new to scare the squirrels and racoons away from my bird feeder, I gave up on that, it's a losing battle"
(For some real fun buy them paintguns and run a few one on four drills.)

Have you ever bought a paintball item on EBay?
Yeah. Good deal!
Yes. And I don't want to talk about it.
Don't care for it.
May consider it in the future.
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Have you ever sold a paintball item on EBay?
Yeah. Made a fortune.
Broke even.
Yes. Don't want to talk about it!
No. Don't have an account.
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