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Aug 28, 2009

Screw MySpace...

They advertise Russian Dating Services but if I mention my paintblog address they block me for spamming.

And while I'm in a mood - What the heck is up with that pleasant voice at the McD's drive up window? The one that asks, "Would you like to try a coffee (blah, blah blah)," and is then followed by some snotty, half awake, death row prisoner sounding voice wanting to know what kind of sauce I want with my nuggets (I ordered a fish sandwich)?

I suppose what bugs me most is I keep thanking the pleasant voice, forgetting it's a cheezy recorded advertising voice. I guess real McD employees are to busy to say, "Welcome to McD's." To busy figuring another way to screw up my order!


Caleb Aug 30, 2009, 12:31:00 PM  

One of my biggest pet-peeves on the web is when I load a web-page and a song starts to play. It's usually at full volume and the tune is not on my "play list".
As an Internet Marketer, I understand the power of advertising on MySpace. As far as a social visit to the speaker violating website, HELL NO!

Every time I get blasted with some impersonal crap from a major company, their competitor gains a little of my business. Mc'y D's must not have much confidence in the people they hire.

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