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Mar 18, 2009

The Girls of Paintball - Kelli

The Girls of Paintball have allot of good things to say about this male dominated sport. If you missed it you might want to go back and check out what Audrey Eckroth, Alicia Turner and the SCV Girls had to say. This time up it's Kelli, 22, who works and plays out at "Profesor Lumpys" in Ohio when she's not snow boarding in California.

How did you get involved in paintball?

A few friends took me to a local field for a birthday party, after that I was hooked!

Do you still play tournament ball?

Yes when I have the time and money. Its not easy going to college and playing paintball.

What position do you like to play?

I love the snake but I actually play where ever I'm needed.

I hear you do more than play paintball.

Actually I work at "Professor Lumpys" in Ohio. It's Blackcat Paintball's main field. We're always trying to get more people to our scenario games there. Blackcatpaintball. com, check it out if u wanna. We have a 5man scenario challenge coming up this year and will be adding more games to our events list with a different type of scenario format. It's kinda cool, I think it's posted up in our forums on the website.

Where is your favorite field (other than Lumpys)?

For x-ball its All American Paintball Park in Greensburgh Pa. For Scenario games it is Professor Lumpys in Smithfield Ohio.
Do you plan to play in any tournaments or scenarios this year?

I bring my Scenario Team to most of the Blackcat Paintball Scenarios in my area. The one I am most looking forward to is the 48hr game in Ohio this year. As for tournaments I will probably end up having to ref the ones at our local field.

Is there anything you might want to say to young women thinking about playing paintball?

There are always gonna be those males out there that think women should not play, but the amount of males that treat you as an equal should
out weight them. You can still be your girly self and be treated just as another player. My guys see me as just another team mate.

What question would you ask the next person I interview?

Do you think more women have joined the sport since you started playing and how has the field you play at changed with the number of women? Hope this is ok.

Better than ok, Kelli. Thanks.

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