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Mar 5, 2009

The Girls of Paintball - The SCV Girls...

Here is another in a series of interviews I've been doing with the "Ladies" of paintball. Awhile back I had Audrey Eckroth tell me about playing with the Femmes Fatale and before that it was Alicia Turner (London Notorious) from across the pond. Now it's a group of gals that call themselves the SCV Girls. The chat centered around what it was like working at one of the largest paintball fields in the world - SC Village.

The basic question first – How did you each get involved with SC Village?

Most of us got started at SCV because our friends worked there, we all knew someone working or playing there prior to our working there.

Describe some of the different jobs you are all involved in.

Our jobs include working the ticket booths selling admissions and rentals, pro-shop selling paintball products, the PA station where we make all of the calls for the players to get to the fields, and the rental building where we rent out our equipment.

What’s the best thing about working at SC Village?

Best thing about working at SC is the atmosphere, its positive and friendly, the customers are fun and so are the employees that work there, we try to have fun with our job.

What’s the toughest thing?

When its busy, as you know we reach large numbers of customers, and it can get pretty hectic around there getting everyone what they need.

Do any of you get a chance to play?

The ones that choose too definitely! lol We've all tried at least once.

What would you say to girls who might be thinking about playing paintball or working at a field?

Its a really fun sport, upbeat and energetic, I recommend getting started by playing the sport, you'll have a blast!

And what would you like me to ask the next person I interview?

Not sure, these were great, thanks!

So, playing or working. Come on out gals and give paintball a try!

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